About US

Vigàn Group was originally born as a domestic and international market need for BPO businesses and is currently one of the largest business outsourcing company in Albania. “Vigàn” has been chosen based on the idea of being big and powerful, like a giant. And so we aim to make any partner feel like a part of us.

We believe that change has become the defining characteristic in today's business environment, so the companies and the individuals who choose to compete in those markets must improve. Change is possible only if we understand and support interdependencies and power shifts within a system.


Our vision is to create, analyze and improve your business. Fueled by a self-motivated and empowered workforce, Vigàn Group is the outsourcing partner of choice of SMEs and startups in achieving their business goals. We focus on instructing employees to create high quality products and to provide qualified services.

We work together with clients, side by side, to achieve their goals. We are committed to growing our clients businesses by embracing technology, developing strong partnerships and providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our team collaborates with clients to develop common objectives, define roles and responsibilities, propose recommendations and implement practical solutions.


01. Identify and implement the right strategy for your business type
02. Define your core brand values
03. Set a new standard for our client’s products and services
04. We aim to effectively use price, communication and distribution techniques to inform, motivate and serve the market
05. To strive for excellence and deliver empathetic solutions
06. Be the first to introduce technology and innovation in the business process outsourcing industry