Marketing & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is advertising delivered through digital channels. Channels such as social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, or any new digital channel. Marketing deals with all the traditional or innovative ways of advertising.


We are brand builders – experts in big thinking, creative ideas and fresh technology solutions. We help our clients identify and solve their market needs and challenges.



Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses. This is because email marketing is easy to manage, gives you full control, and allows you to establish a direct contact with your customers.


From strategy development to content creation, publishing to distribution and promotion, our industry-leading content marketing services are engineered to achieve your business goals. Fuel your brand with results-driven, engaging content for your website, email campaigns, social media channels and paid distribution.

Articles. If you are looking for high quality content that will rank you highly in the search engines to help you make more money, you are in the right place. The content we write is not just search engine optimized; it is specially crafted with your reader’s needs.

Audio. We eliminate or reduce verbal flubs and noise. Our audio editing and enhancing service transforms recordings into enhanced, error-free, polished recordings. We improve podcasts, sales presentations, video and film sound tracks, old recordings, audiobooks, et al.

Blog Posts. We created an amazing blog writing service that will get you highly relevant, researched, professionally written content to your blog. With our blog writing services, you no longer have to come up with ideas, contract writers, go through the editing process.

Case Studies. Case studies are effective tools for converting leads into customers. They help establish your brand as a topical authority, demonstrate how your product solved a real problem for a customer, and help leads see how they could experience similar success with your services.

E-Books & Audiobook. We can customize you content from scratch to an E-Book or Audiobook item. We can transcribe, proof-edit and audio-edit everything fitted to your needs.

E-Courses. We provide the technology for you to make you courses visible online. As an eLearning development company with effective learning content designers, we are passionate about creating effective eLearning solutions that focus on improving your content design.

Email Marketing. We create highly engaging email campaigns with our drag and drop builder. You can also pick a responsive email template with proven results.

Infographics. We create infographics that will communicate with your audience, convey your brand messaging and convey your ongoing marketing campaigns. Infographic designers, illustrators and industry researchers give your brand a visual upgrade by synthesizing often-complex data into shareable graphics.
Newsletters. You want your email newsletter to reach the targeted inboxes without any issue. Our email marketing platform is designed to make sure your email newsletters and any other email communication get to the right destination without running into issues or spams. We do Audience segmentation so you can target different subscriber lists for each campaign.

Photos. Our photo editing services are ready to handle all your needs in portrait, wedding, newborn, landscape, real estate, ecommerce photography. We can shoot photos, or edit existing ones fitted to your needs.

Podcasts. Podcasting combines the freedom of blogging with digital audio technology to create an almost endless supply of content. We offer to our clients transcribe, recoding and audio editing services for Podcast usage.

Presentations. We offer creative presentation services using Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote and Prezi. Our designers help turn your content into persuasive, clear and engaging presentations.

Promotions. We create content needs of business marketing activities such as sales promotion concepts, themes and ideas for marketing promotions and campaigns.

Social Campaigns. We can complete a competitor analysis, and then track and optimize your audience and reach. Creating engaging organic social campaigns is our objective, customized by your needs.

Videos. We can adjust your videos to fit any social media format, add text and logos, and create video ads from your pre-recorded footage. Also, we can shoot and edit videos by our talented in-house team of videographers of any product promotion videos.

Webinars. We will help you plan, create, schedule, promote, run, and follow-up on your webinars. The webinar services for businesses are offered in a wide variety of features and functionality.

Website Content. We offer high impact website content writing services that are above the rest. Whatever you need is in your website: to inform, argue, or persuade, our writers will make sure that your readers are convinced by what they are reading.

Interviews. We offer interviews services costumed to your business needs. Interviews for survey, HR, research purpose are some of the services that we can cover for you.

Quotes. We will accustom quote content to your personal or business needs. Research in this matter will get you higher in the google engine optimizer.

Testimonials. Testimonials give you the opportunity to provide proof about your services. Make it easy for potential clients to see what others are saying about you and your company by adding testimonials to your website and marketing materials. We can process the best testimonial service for you.

Company News. Our experienced team can offer a variety of content news accustomed to your company needs. You can jump from local oriented company to a global oriented one, if you put your trust in us.

Product Announcements. You need to fulfil domestic and international regulatory obligations, communicate with shareholders, analysts and institutional investors, at the same time explaining your company news to the markets. Vigan can offer these services for regulatory news announcements, accustomed for your company and clients needs.



Our website developers provide expert web application development and web design services to our clients. Vigan offers a variety of website design and development services, from creating mobile web development solutions and responsive website designs, to building custom e-commerce and intranet experiences using the latest and proven web technologies.

WordPress services
We provide a range of services to suit all types of business – from small/medium businesses to enterprise. We specialize in custom WordPress solutions and services. We can work with you on any level of your project that you may need support with. We will be your stunning wordpress web developer and web designer. With our focus on WordPress development, you can rest assured that our team is well-versed in the best practices and newest features.



Video production. Video marketing can be an important part of your digital marketing strategy, giving a face and voice to your business and providing high SEO value for your website. Our video production services include:
Video marketing strategy. Scriptwriting and editing; Storyboarding; Single-camera and multi-camera shoots; Video editing; Motion graphics; Color correction; Voice Overs; Multilingual videos with closed captioning; Video hosting and Video distribution/

Mobile app marketing. We help brands and start-ups grow their mobile business through understanding customer needs and creating marketing strategies to engage audience and facilitate rapid user acquisition. We will help you outshine your competitors through understanding the right marketing channels for your mobile app and then crafting promotion and marketing for you.

Mobile app development. If you’re looking to implement mobile technology for your business, our app developers are at your service. We provide iOS and Android mobile application development services so you can reach your customers on their favorite devices.

UX/UI. We provide the full set of UX research services, including usability testing, information architecture, research interviews, online surveys, personas, user journey maps, analytics reviews and ethnographic research. The design team comprises business experts, highly experienced UX/UI designers and leverages the latest tools and technologies.

PR (public relations). We seek to raise our clients’ brand, sales and bottom-line results. We implement powerful, proactive and passionate media relations efforts, and offer a comprehensive range of integrated marketing services to meet the unique needs of every client. Our clients look to us for results and we deliver. Each of our practice areas are comprised of skilled Public Relations professionals who are smart, creative and resourceful. They thrive on solving challenges and creating new strategies to help our clients succeed.

Gaming marketing. We deliver successful video game marketing campaigns that result in direct downloads, conversions, and other identified key performance indicators relevant to each client. The gaming industry is one of innovation, which means it is constantly shifting and evolving. Advertising campaigns that may have been successful in the past may not be as effective because of how people are consuming content and where their interests may have shifted. We maximize ad content and delivery to attract the right audiences and drive conversions.

Shopify services. Shopify provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and run your business. Depending on the pricing plan that you choose, you can find everything you need to showcase your products online, to process payments, and to make your store work for you. With Shopify we can sell your products in different ways using many sales channels.

Artist marketing. Every artist’s journey to success begins in the same place: getting noticed. That’s what marketing really means. It’s all about building awareness, making connections, and maintaining ongoing relationships with the people who can help you realize your dreams. We can build and promote a marketing strategy for you. You will get noticed, and make a profit from this strategy.



With a custom social media marketing service plan, your business can start building brand awareness, as well as generating revenue from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. As your partner, we’ll help your business improve its brand awareness, customer loyalty, revenue, and more. Whether you’re looking to market your business on one social media network or more, our team of strategists can build a plan accustomed to your company.

Influencer marketing. Our approach to influencer marketing looks at each type of influencer and recommends a strategy that is tailored to your brand, works with your budget and delivers real, tangible results. We offer:

  • Metric reports tracking genuine engagement
  • A multi-pronged approach using micro-influencers as well as bigger names
  • Data-gathering to identify relevant micro-tribes
  • Creating multiple, targeted campaigns

Social media management. Your social media should be managed in a timely fashion, you need to know what to publish, when to publish it and how to respond when someone talks to you. we create your content strategy and publish that content on your social outlets. Every week we will review the content strategy, analyze data points and make required changes.

Social media advertising. Social media advertising is fast becoming an essential part of any marketing strategy; with unparalleled reach and the ability to granularly target specific audiences. Our social media marketing services help you acquire customers, with creative, lead focused campaigns.

Snapchat marketing. We can help you harness the incredible potential of this incredible social media platform. We can help you narrow-in on the types of conversions that can be better actualized with Snapchat and drive direct conversions.

Facebook marketing. We can help your company get better results from marketing and advertising on Facebook. Start getting a better return on investment by using our Facebook ad agency to develop, manage, and optimize your advertising and marketing strategy.

Instagram engagement marketing. Engagement is what matters when trying to understand Instagram and why it’s important – people can like, leave comments, and have discussions in a thread, all under one photo on one page. We can shape and implement a dedicated engagement marketing strategy for your Instagram page.



Optimization Services provide users solutions with a fast, structured and affordable way to assess solution performance, identify gaps, and quickly improve outcomes in people, process, and technology.

SEO. We help you with our user-friendly SEO methods that boost up the quality and increase in ranking of the website. We make search engines work for you. We help your brand gain visibility and credibility.
Pay per click.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most tangible forms of digital marketing. A method primarily used to place digital ads on search engines and publishers’ websites, PPC offers an immediate return on investment and allows instant visibility at the top of the search results. We can grow your profit, just by increasing your web page traffic.

Local SEO. Local SEO is a site optimization process that allows business owners to achieve higher rankings in local SERPs (search engine results pages). If your business serves a local population and has an address, you should optimize your site for local searches. Our local SEO services are geared to show positive results within 30 days.



Niche marketing is all about targeting small groups of people that are likely to take interest in a specific service or product. Unlike general marketing, which uses generalized messaging to reach as many eyes or ears as possible, niche marketing is the art of connecting with people who are highly compatible with your brand—and compelling them to convert.

Real estate marketing services. We cover digital real estate marketing strategies into cohesive campaigns that connect with home buyers on their desktop computers and mobile devices. We incorporate the following services and strategies into our digital marketing packages, spanning across all digital technologies and devices your consumers use: Digital competitive analysis; Content marketing; Email marketing campaigns; Facebook advertising campaigns; Website design & development; SEO; PPC etc.

Healthcare marketing. Our integrated approach to digital marketing covers a wide breadth of services that work together to help you be the best answer for your customers, whenever and wherever they’re searching. Healthcare digital marketing services include: Content Marketing; SEO; Digital Advertising; Social Media Marketing; Influencer Marketing; Conversion Rate Optimization; Website Analytics, etc.

Beauty skin products marketing. Through social media and targeted advertising and influencer campaigns, it’s never been easier to reach your potential clients. However, with more brands competing for their attention, it’s also never been more challenging. To remain competitive, marketers must continuously reinvent themselves. We offer insight into reaching cosmetic and skin care buyers when and where they are most receptive to your message, with a dedicated marketing strategy.

Bridal marketing. We can help build up your bridal website to bring in the traffic you’ve been waiting for. Regardless if you are a full wedding planner or a wedding photographer, we provide a variety of consultation and implementation of digital marketing services. Ranging from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) data gathering to website marketing guidance, it’s our job to improve your online presence to book more brides.

Book launch marketing. We offer book launch marketing services and website design for authors. In today’s rapidly changing book marketplace, more and more are being demanded of authors. With our boutique book launch marketing services, author website design, and social media services, we help you to meet all the demands placed on the modern author.

Law firm marketing. We help attorneys grow their practice. We are a full-service law firm marketing agency dedicated to helping attorneys grow their practice, build their brand, and increase new client revenue. Stop losing clients to lower quality attorneys with better digital marketing help.

Ecommerce services. To safeguard the success of your ecommerce site, we offer specialty services and solutions. We optimize your online presence to help your business rank in the best possible position, ensuring your customers can easily find your business online. We can boost your online earnings using fresh content, SEO and current data insights.

Airbnb marketing. We offer Airbnb Optimization, Consultation, Marketing & Promotion Services. We can optimize your accommodation listing to make your Airbnb presence maximize your business visibility and analyze your business practices & management processes with a professional Airbnb consultant.

Cbd marketing strategy. Demand for effective CBD marketing is on the rise. The CBD marketing is well and truly upon us. The marketing strategy of a medical product can be challenging for your company. That’s why we cover the marketing strategy, in order for you to focus in your business growth.

Hotel marketing. We offer a complete line of hotel marketing services from advertisement and collateral design to social media management and website design to ensure consistent branding across all platforms. Our services include: Hotel Website Design; Reputation Management for Hotels; Social Media Marketing for Hotels; Hotel SEO Services; Hotel Collateral Design; Hotel Email Marketing Strategies; Print Advertising Campaigns and Logo Design for Hotels.

Fashion marketing. Our team will work to incorporate your own vision for your business into our strategy, to make sure that all marking activity is carried out with the most important objectives. We create a fashion digital marketing strategy that aligns technical actions with refreshing creative ideas. We offer fashion-oriented services in SEO, PPC, Social media marketing etc.,
Life coach marketing. We offer different marketing services such as advertisement, design, social media management, website design, content writing, in order for you to build your life coach image up to the high standards.

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