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Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. You need people who can create focused marketing strategies that align with business goals, who can infuse their creativity into groundbreaking campaigns, and who can analyze data to optimize every tactic along the way. You need Vigan. Get to know your team below.

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Ms. Kris Xherahu

Marketing Manager

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Mr. Lisian Roseni

Project Manager

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Mr. Egzon Zeka

Graphic & Multimedia Designer

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Ms. Liridona Aliaj

SEO Specialist

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Mr. Anis Slimani

Video Editor & Videographer

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Mrs. Silvi (Bylyku) Neziri

Social Media Specialist

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Ms. Kesilda Gjoka

Event Manager

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Ms. Gledi Përleka

Content Writer

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Mr. Arsen Mema

Head of Finance

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Ms. Jona Boshnjaku

Financial Specialist

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