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Real Estate

An important strategic decision for real estate investors is whether to outsource real estate management functions or to manage the properties in-house. Vigàn Group is a full-service, real estate asset management company that offers a wide range of real estate consulting, asset management, valuations, and disposition services.

Property Asset Management

Maximizing value in the shortest time possible.

We understand that true success involves extensive market research, proper valuation of the asset, appropriate broker selection, analysis of repair costs and an ambitious, strategic marketing plan. Vigàn constantly communicates with the client and is positioned to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding their properties. Client satisfaction is our priority and we strive to ensure all assets are managed with the utmost care and attention that our clients deserve.

Homeowners Services

Vigàn Group offers comprehensive homeowner advisory services.

Our management team applies the same expertise and principles in helping private homeowners and investors manage their properties. Our dedicated team of professionals combined with our strong existing relationships and experience within the real estate industry allows for us to provide homeowners with many value added benefits that local real estate agents are simply not able to provide.


Comprehensive and research-driven transaction solutions.

Vigàn’s mission is to assist investors identify, evaluate and acquire, investment and income-producing properties that provide opportunities to preserve capital investments, collect consistent income, and benefit from future capital appreciation of the assets. For investors who are looking to either buy or sell properties, or portfolios, we offer customized solutions backed by extensive research and analysis.

Our collaborative team of investment professionals have specialized experience and knowledge in diverse property types combined with a global presence. Our expertise is in working closely with a broad range of investors from private individuals to institutions that are looking for first-class solutions to either help solidify them into the real estate holdings market, or divest assets or portfolios.

Investment & Development

Bridge-YourHome provides real estate investment and development services to clients or investors on a fee basis or on a co-investment basis; experience.
BYH is a real estate platform that serves as a host for anyone that wants to have a real estate portfolio online, thus making it easier to bring everything in one place, by paying only a starting fee. This platform ensures online visibility with the usage of cutting edge real estate software technology to create a unique experience for our clients.