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Financial Consultancy

Financial services providers must continue to navigate changing regulatory frameworks, increase capacity to handle cybersecurity threats, and embrace the technology required to meet customer expectations. And, above all, they must minimize their risk of exposure to the local and global factors that have spelled the end of less savvy competitors.

We analyze current and prior financial statements to determine not only if finances are in order, but also if the proper reports are being generated. Our auditors review cash management procedures, accounting policies and controls, trial balance accounts and relationships with creditors. If necessary, we can provide oversight with capital restructuring or with the complete overhaul.

The outsourced financial consultancy service by Vigàn Group can enable organizations to continue to grow and remain viable in an environment of constant change. This is particularly true for companies who operate strategically, have identified a hierarchy of core and non-core processes, have a strong culture of performance management, and have developed reliable metrics for measuring outcomes.